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~Karaezy Kouture~ Import Hair Extensions


We appreciate your patronage and support and would like to see you return and shop either of our web locations often. We like to ensure all customer's receive the best possible customer service we can offer and we do that by being honest and upfront with all store policies as listed and acknowledged on our websites for the duration of all completed sales transactions. We also offer you the safety and security of making your payment securely via Paypal without exposing any of your payment information to us directly. We'd like to remind you to always check your shipping address accuracy on every transaction with us. Be sure to select the correct or saved correct shipping address when checking out via Paypal since this is the ship address our support staff uses when prepping your order to be shipped unless otherwise noted.  Shipment addresses can and will only be changed or editted in the event we are contacted early enough to alter, revise, or change the address during order processing. However time and realization of an incorrect shipping address or error could  possibly come too late if the order has already been shipped by the time the error is realized. In that event sadly we do not assume responsibility for your your errors. In the event your order is returned to us from the shipment courier for any reaosn, we will notify you and offer reshipping your order AT YOUR EXPENSE. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS AT CHECKOUT IS ACCURATE.

 In the event a shipping address error on your part causes your package to go missing or get lost within the shipping courier system we cannot be responsible for providing a free replacement order nor can we refund your money due to your own mistake. We do however compensate, replace, and/or refund according to what is applicable  for all orders that have errors due to our own fault or for orders that qualify and include insurance coverage such as ALL VIRGIN HAIR EXTENSION PURCHASES.

Since we provide tracking information for delivery confirmation on every order and provide the tracking confirmation delivery number to your Paypal account once your order ships you can often track down your package and have it rerouted in the event it is missent due to wrong or inaccurate shipping address due to your own error. This however is NOT ALWAYS GUARANTEED to happen which makes taking the extra moment in time to ensure your ship address is correct essential and worth it to avoid the worst possibility scenario and any headache associated with shipping address errors. Spelling errors in names normally do not make a difference if the address itself is correct because the package will still  usually reach it's destination. Minor spelling errors in street address names sometimes do not affect delivery but major ones could as an incorrect street address spelling could make it another location. Zip Code accuracy is by far the MOST IMPORTANT to the effectiveness of shipping as this indicates your exact postal zone region and affects the varied delivery time. So again PLEASE BE CAREFUL TO ALWAYS CHECK AND ENSURE YOU HAVE SELECTED AND/OR ENTERED THE CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS you intend to either receive or send your order to during checkout online. We do not want you to risk losing your money or missing out on the awesome super low priced productselection we offer since so many items are either exclusive or limited stock. 

 You can also double check the shipping address connected with your respective orders via logging into your Paypal account as well as check  for the courier, courier method when applicable, and tracking confirmation delivery number. We trust that you will love whatever you order enough to want to receive it in the fastest time possible so we feel good knowing you'll take that extra time to ensure your shipping address is accurate. In the event you need to contact us in reference to anything associated with your order before or after completion of checkout or before or after shipping you can still always feel free to do so by contacting us via the "CONTACT US"  options listed on either of our website location(s) or directly by our customer service email contact located on our business cards. We will always try to respond as quickly as possible and resolve issues accordingly. Again we appreciate your support and hope that you're on your way to becoming a loyal return customer to Karaezy Kouture via the web store www.karaezykouture.comand/or our import/virgin hair retail selection available atwww.karaezykouture.bigcartel.com.