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F. A. Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)


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Q: How is hair priced?

A: Like most virgin hair retail websites all hair is priced PER SINGLE BUNDLE (each single bundle weight is approximately 3.2-3.5 ounces each) unless for example you see a series of lengths separated by slashes such as 12/14/16 that would indicate the offer or listing is for 3 bundles of hair in 3 different lengths. In each listing there are single bundle prices and there are BUNDLE DEALS (you must click inside the selection drop box of each hair listing to see the options available for purchase). Bundle Deals are offered in each option and these options are usually the better purchase value as they will be less expensive than purchasing single bundles and they are guaranteed to provide you with enough hair for a full standard install according to how much hair is needed and recommended according to length variations. ***A SINGLE BUNDLE OF HAIR IS NOT ENOUGH HAIR FOR A FULL HEAD INSTALL* If you are unaware what a bundle of hair is, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE AS THIS INDICATES YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR OR EDUCATED ENOUGH TO PURCHASE VIRGIN HAIR* We suggest you use Youtube and Google to research more before deciding to make a purchase for virgin hair from ANY RETAILER.

Q: How is hair length measured?

A: Hair length is ALWAYS MEASURED IN IT'S STRETCHED LENGTH AS IN COMPLETELY STRAIGHT AND NEVER IN IT'S CURL OR WAVE PATTERN! Please compensate for length by ordering and selecting your length accordingly based upon the curl or wave pattern. This is a general fact for all virgin hair.

Q: What are virgin hair extensions used for?

A: Karaezy Kouture Import Hair Extensions RETAILS WEFTED EXTENSIONS ONLY. NO BULK BRAIDING HAIR, NO CLIP-INS, and NO FUSION LINKS. Wefted extensions are sometimes informally referred to as "tracks" and if you are asking yourself this question, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE RIGHT AWAY as this is indication that you are not familiar or educated enough to make the investment of virgin hair purchase. Again please utilize GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINES and YOUTUBE to conduct extensive and thorough research AT NO COSTS TO YOU.

Q: How long does this hair last?

A:  Our virgin hair extensions have the potential to last up to one year or longer when properly cared for and maintained. Install method, technique of install, care/maintenance routine, and product use ALL play a large role in the life, wear, appearance, and overall performance of your hair extensions. TO MAXIMIZE THE LIFE AND BEST POSSIBLE APPEARANCE OF YOUR VIRGIN HAIR INVESTMENT; U-part and Full Wig unit installs are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED over traditional sewn installs. We personally recommend FLY  HONEY WIGS     www.flyhoneywigs.com for composition of your ideal unit which can be fully customized to your personal preference. For sew-in installations we recommend choosing an experienced professional for your virgin hair install to ensure the hair is installed properly and THAT WEFTS ARE NOT CUT which could shorten the life of your extensions as they are less likely to be able to be reused and/or reinstalled if they are cut and cutting wefts can result in unnecessary shedding which can affect the density of the hair over time which also shortens the life of the hair. Please leave coloring, bleaching, and any other process that involves taking the hair extensions from their original unprocessed virgin state to professionals only or at minimum anyone who has sufficient experience coloring and/or bleaching Virgin Hair Extensions in order to NOT COMPROMISE THE QUALITY AND MAXIMUM POTENTIAL LIFE OF YOUR VIRGIN HAIR EXTENSIONS. *****In the event the wealth of information provided for our hair products via the text of the sales listing along with our review material and the rest of the information within this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (F.A.Q.) is still not sufficient enough for you to be convinced of acceptable product quality then we HIGHLY DISCOURAGE purchasing as we are NOT HERE TO RIP ANYONE OFF AND PREFER ALL PURCHASES BE MADE ONLY IF YOU ARE COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE. With all information and respective policies being made available for view and reference upfront and at any time on our website, we feel there is more than enough material provided for you to make a confident and well informed purchase decision.*****

Q: Can I straighten my curly/wavy hair? Can I curl my straight hair? Can I bleach or color my hair extensions? Will the original curl pattern return after the hair has been wet/washed/co-washed/curled/straightened/colored/bleached?

All of our virgin hair extensions are 100% UNPROCESSED AUTHENTIC VIRGIN HAIR AND CAN ALL BE STRAIGHTENED, CURLED, COLORED DARKER, OR BLEACHED LIGHTER.  Please reference professionals or experienced  personnel only in reference to coloring and bleaching hair extensions in order to not compromise quality of risk damage to or completely ruining your hair extensions. We recommend using a heat protectant when using heat styling tools such as flat irons and curling wands and especially at extreme higher temperatures. This is real human unprocessed virgin hair so it must be treated with care as if it were your own real hair growing from your scalp. You will need to keep it cleansed and deep conditioned regularly for best results and especially following any process that makes the hair no longer virgin. The original curl pattern of the hair will revert but does loosen over time as the hair extensions age since the hair is not chemically processed. Excessive straightening  of tighter curly and wavy hair or excessive heat styling will loosen the curl pattern over time and significantly quicker. IF YOU PURCHASE A TIGHTER CURLY OR WAVY HAIR AND WISH TO PRESERVE THE CURL PATTERN ITS VERY BEST, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT STRAIGHTEN OR HEAT STYLE THE HAIR IN EXCESS. BODY WAVE/NATURAL WAVE/LOOSE WAVE patterns are best recommended for those who wish to wear hair in both the natural state and an altered stated often.                  ***PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PURCHASING TIGHTER CURLY AND WAVY CURL PATTERN OPTIONS IF YOU ARE NOT WELL VERSED IN THE SLIGHTLY ALTERED AND DIFFERENT CARE/MAINTENANCE REGIMEN THAT THESE CURL PATTERNS REQUIRE. WE ALSO DO NOT RECOMMEND TIGHTER/DEEP CURLY/WAVY OPTIONS FOR TRADITIONAL SEW-IN INSTALLS. YOU WILL SEE BEST RESULTS FROM THESE OPTIONS IN THE FORM OF U-PART OR FULL CUSTOM WIG UNIT INSTALLS***

Q:  Do I need to do anything to my hair once I receive it?

A:  YES! You will need to co-wash your bundles as a good sanitary practice  and conduct a thorough DEEP CONDITIONING of your virgin hair extensions prior to install to ensure the hair's best possible look and performance. Failing to co- wash or deep condition your bundles could result in poor performance of your hair extensions and Karaezy Kouture CANNOT and WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FAILURE TO DO SO. The only exception to this is when you plan to send your bundles to FLY HONEY WIGS (www.flyhoneywigs.com) to have a custom wig unit install composed. In this case co-washing and deep conditioning is not necessary as FLY HONEY WIGS includes this with every unit they compose. If you desire or require more information on co-washing and deep conditioning please reference GOOGLE as a general information search or YOUTUBE. These information sources will provide you with several text, video, and instructional references on co-washing, deep conditioning and other ideal care and maintenance advisory material. You can also register and join www.karaezykouture.com and access the  blog there for further information on both.

Q: When will the OUT OF STOCK or SOLD OUT product I am interested in be available again?

A:  If the information for predicted restock time is not located within the text of the item sales listing then it is safe to assume we are unsure of when the item is expected to restock or if it will restock at all. In the event there is no predicted restock time posted we suggest that you LIKE our page on Facebook (Karaezy Kouture) and/or follow our Instagram account @karaezykouture to keep up with product updates of all types posted regularly.

Q: Are there any discounts/special offers/sales/coupons/senior citizen/discounts/student discounts/bundle deals/layaway plans available?

A: We are one of the most AFFORDABLE hair extension companies online offering a superior quality product for a very low and more than reasonable price so there is no need to depend and/or be restricted to, NOR BEG FOR discounts, coupons, and special offers.  If the hair we offered was priced any lower we could not afford to stay in business because it would be equivalent to giving it away for free. However, we do offer ocassional coupon codes and special offers via our Facebook (Karaezy Kouture) and Instagram @karaezykouture accounts on a regular basis so LIKE and FOLLOW for regular updates.  We also offer a listing with CLEARANCE Bundle Deals which are reduced priced bundle deals on hair (and sometimes a combination of hair and a lace closure) that is already priced low and more than reasonable but has been further reduced in price to ship same or next business day with no processing time wait. Clearance Bundle Deals vary in availability and selection from week to week and we also offer regular low priced bundle deals AVAILABLE ALL THE TIME IN EACH AND EVERY HAIR OPTION LISTING! Bundle Deals are select hair options in select length and bundle combinations as listed and shown and are non-negotiable in any way and all purchase and shipping policies do apply the same with the exception of CLEARANCE BUNDLE DEALS which ship same or next business day with no processing time wait. ***NO SUBSTITUTIONS OF HAIR TYPE OR LENGTH COMBINATIONS IS ALLOWED FOR BUNDLE DEAL OPTIONS***    Please observe the text in the listing of bundle deals and observe the text indicated in the coordinating image or contact us via our website contact form for more information if you have an inquiry not covered anywhere on the website. Layaway plans are totally pointless since it is the same thing as saving up your money to purchase all at once since you cannot receive anything on a layaway plan until it is paid in full. Unless your item of interest states that stock is at risk to sell out we suggest saving up or purchasing everything you need at once. Paypal offers "Bill Me Later" as their own exclusive service and has nothing to do with who you purchase from so you would have to inquire with Paypal about that option directly since they make that approval and not us or any other business. If you find affordable virgin hair to be still too financially challenging and you are not willing to save up to purchase accordingly then we suggest reconsidering virgin hair as a viable option for you altogether as it may not be within your means and/or lifestyle. Karaezy Kouture does not support misalignment of priorities or entering financial hardship to purchase hair extensions. Saving up is and has always been the best and safest way to purchase anything out of normal budget range. Remember high quality virgin hair is an investment and worth EVERY PENNY!!! *ASKING/REQUESTING EXCESSIVE DISCOUNTS ON WHAT IS ALREADY PRICED TO BE AFFORDABLE AND MORE THAN REASONABLE IS HIGHLY DISCOURAGED AND CONSIDERED TO BE POOR AND INAPPROPRIATE BUSINESS/CONTACT ETIQUETTE AND IN SOME CASES CONSIDERED ABUSE AND HARASSMENT. EXCESSIVE AND/OR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR AND CONTACT OF THIS NATURE COULD RESULT IN REFUSAL OF SERVICE OR CONTACT REPLY AT THE DISCRETION OF BUSINESS/CUSTOMER SUPPORT PERSONNEL AND INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO BEING IGNORED, BLOCKED, OR SUBJECT TO BEING REPORTED TO RESPECTIVE LEGAL AND CYBER SECURITY AUTHORITIES*

Q: How long will it take my order to arrive and do you offer express/overnight shipping?

A:  Due to the fact that we are a HIGH QUALITY AFFORDABLE virgin hair retailer we have a order processing time of 3-4 business days and a shipping and arrival time frame of 3-5 business days FOR ALL ORDERS. We ask that all patrons allow a full time frame of 7 to 10 business days for full order processing/shipping/arrival. ALL ORDERS WILL BE FULLY INSURED WHEN SHIPPED FOR THE FULL PURCHASE AMOUNT AND TRACKING INFORMATION WILL PROVIDED WITH THE SHIPPING NOTIFICATION  VIA EMAIL ONCE THE ORDER HAS SHIPPED AND IS IN ROUTE. We ask that you do not contact us inquiring about the status or progress of the order while processing or being prepared to ship if it is in the respective order processing and shipping time frame. Please contact us in reference to the shipping progress if the respective 7-10 business day period has passed and you have not received a shipment notification or if your package has not arrived.  IF YOU DO NOT SEE OR CANNOT FIND YOUR SHIPMENT NOTIFICATION IN YOUR IN BOX PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER AS IT MAY HAVE BEEN INCORRECTLY ROUTED. IF YOU STILL CANNOT FIND IT THEN CONTACT US AND WE WILL RESEND THE NOTIFICATION OR SIMPLY REPLY WITH THE SHIPMENT AND TRACKING DETAILS. Our order processing and shipping is set up to ensure the quality of our product and accuracy of your order in a timely manner. NOTE: Business days are considered Monday through Friday and are the only days to count and consider in the order processing and shipping time frame. We process and ship many orders on every business day in the order they are received and we do not process or ship on weekends or holidays. Our order processing and ship time is very reasonable and average to most online virgin hair retailers so we do not have any other expedited, faster, or express options. This is to keep the most important thing which is the costs of the hair low. We appreciate your understanding in advance and we are sure you can appreciate us caring about you saving money and getting such a high quality product. We ask that you only purchase if you have the proper time to allow us to process the order and ship under regular circumstances. Please see the tab at the bottom of our homepage labeled ORDER PROCESSING & SHIPPING for more details. Karaezy Kouture does not offer the option of making in person payments nor do we coordinate purchase order drop offs and pickups regardless of location. All orders must be placed and paid for via our website and shipped. WE DO NOT SHIP ORDERS UNTIL PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE AND COMPLETED.

Q: Is International Shipping Available?

A: Yes international shipping is available but shipping time frames vary per shipping location. ***PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCOMING CUSTOMS FEES!!!*** All Orders from Karaezy Kouture Import Hair Extensions ship from the United States. We ask that all international orders allow up to a minimum of 12-15 business days total time which includes regular order processing time and shipment and delivery. All APO/FPO shipments will be shipped using the United States as the shipment country and will ship at United States shipping and handling costs but we ask that you allow up to 12-15 business days total for order processing and shipment delivery. Total costs for international shipping and handling of international orders will vary per country and shipping location and will be calculated on the website just prior to checkout when you enter and update with your respective shipping country. The shipping costs will calculate and add insurance against lost or damage for the full value of your purchase and tracking delivery signature confirmation as with ALL ORDERS. Please keep that in mind when you see the total shipping and handling costs. To receive your order specifics you must add all desired items you intend to purchase to the shopping cart and then update by selecting your shipping country before proceeding with completing your payment transaction. Shipping and Handling costs for international orders is based upon our selected courier method and never negotiable.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept and do I have to have a Paypal account to purchase?

A:  We accept all forms of Visa/Mastercard debit and credit. Although Paypal is our secured payment processor you do not have to have a Paypal account to purchase. Simply click that you do not have a Paypal account during checkout once you are routed to the Paypal payment processing page and enter your card information. Paypal insures that our website protects your payment information and personnel of Karaezy Kouture NEVER SEE YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION. Paypal also protects your purchase so you can make payment without security concern or worry.

Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A: No. We are considered a virgin hair retail business and because of that we do not claim to be a wholesale supply source nor are we prepared to fully supply another hair vending business. USUALLY WHEN A HAIR COMPANY OFFERS WHOLESALE IT WILL ALWAYS BE POSTED VISIBLE ON THE COMPANY WEBSITE ADVERTISING THAT SALES OPTION. WE HAVE NOTHING ON OUR WEBSITE INDICATING WE OFFER WHOLESALE SO PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US ASKING ABOUT WHOLESALE PRICES OR SALES. IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY LOOKING FOR A WHOLESALE SUPPLIER FOR YOUR OWN HAIR BUSINESS WE SUGGEST DOING YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT RESEARCH AND TO AVOID SMALLER INDEPENDENT HAIR COMPANIES AS THEY ARE USUALLY NOT PREPARED TO SUPPLY ANOTHER HAIR BUSINESS. YOUR BEST BET IS TO GO WITH POPULAR BIG NAME HAIR COMPANIES THAT OFFER MORE EXPENSIVE HAIR THEN THERE IS ROOM FOR WHOLESALE PRICING TO BE AVAILABLE TO YOU AND THEY WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER STOCKED FOR WHOLESALE SUPPLY. AGAIN TAKE THE TIME TO EXPLORE THE WEBSITE FOR INDICATION OF OFFERING WHOLESALE. THIS WILL SAVE YOU LOADS OF TIME AND DISAPPOINTMENT OF WAITING ON A REPLY ONLY FOR IT TO BE A COMPANY REVEALING THEY DO NOT OFFER WHOLESALE. AGAIN WE DO NOT OFFER WHOLESALE NOR IS IT INDICATED ANYWHERE ON OUR WEBSITE!  However you can save money on larger orders if you wish to purchase at least 10 or more bundles of hair. A large order from us is considered 1 kilogram or more. A kilogram is equivalent to 10 bundles of any respective type of hair ALL IN THE SAME LENGTH. We do not offer mixed length kilograms of hair and CANNOT GUARANTEE A SET PRICE QUOTE FOR LARGE ORDERS OF THIS NATURE. Please contact us via our website contact form in reference to these type large orders WITH YOUR DETAILS if you intend to get an actual price quote. You must provide the respective type of hair and length to receive a price quote. Large orders of this nature are coordinated via our customer support contact and paid for via custom invoice and all respective purchase policies do apply. Order processing and shipping times will vary and further details are provided once large order sales have been coordinated.

Q: I am new to virgin hair, how do I find out more about your product and more about virgin hair in general?

A: We provide a wealth of  thorough and detailed information in our sales listing text and on our Facebook page (Karaezy Kouture) but there is nothing better than independent research via Youtube and Google. If you need a place to start from scratch please register to gain access to the blog at www.karaezykouture.com which includes some great information for virgin hair rookies. Make sure you click the tabs here on our website located at the top and very bottom of the products homepage labeled "PRODUCT REVIEW VIDEOS" to see and learn more about our hair extension products from reviewers who have used and purchased the hair products. Please take the time to read the text of the individual product listings as they contain lots of informative details on that particular hair product. PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE TO MAKE A VIRGIN HAIR PURCHASE FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH LITTLE TO NO EDUCATION OR RESEARCH. We are more than happy to assist you but we strongly encourage the initiative being taken to at minimum be familiar with the differences in why virgin hair is priced higher and considered a better quality extension option. This also includes basic knowledge on how to properly prep, care for, and maintain your virgin hair extensions and how to maximize the life and appearance of them. Since we provide such a wealth of information via our website and review material, we hold customers and potential customers responsible for a certain level of basic information and research on their own. Both Google search engines and Youtube are some of the best reference and research tools you can utilize at no cost and little to no effort. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO READ AND OBSERVE INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE AND ELSEWHERE AND/OR CONTACT US PRIOR TO PURCHASING FOR INQUIRIES ON ANYTHING NOT COVERED ON OR WITHIN THE WEBSITE TEXT. Taking the time to LOOK, READ, AND EXPLORE THIS WEBSITE IS A GREAT WAY TO BE INFORMED AND SAVE TIME FROM HAVING TO WAIT ON A CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACT REPLY.

Q: How many bundles do I need to purchase?

A:  For  your convenience please reference the basic chart below indicating the minimum amount of bundles recommended for a full and acceptable looking standard install. PLEASE NOTE THESE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE NOT MADE WITH THE INTENT OF GETTING ANY ADDITIONAL MONEY FROM PATRONS BY MAKING THEM PURCHASE MORE BUNDLES THAN WHAT IS ACTUALLY NEEDED. These recommendations are NOT made with the fuller than average install or "BIG HAIR" look in mind, just the standard acceptable full head install sufficient enough to look acceptable in a positive way. Those desiring a full and acceptable or even "Big Hair" look may purchase more bundles as needed at personal preference and discretion. These recommendations are made according to the length and the fact that each single bundle weight is approximately 3.2-3.5 ounces each. In you have purchased the minimum of 3 bundles and only use half of the third bundle then your choice of purchasing 3 bundles was sufficient and smart in order for you to achieve your ideal looking install. WE DO NOT SELL SPLIT, HALF, OR PARTIAL BUNDLES. Since virgin hair is not likely to perish, any leftover weft can be saved and used with a future install. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO HAVE A LITTLE OVER THE AMOUNT OF WHAT YOU NEED OR USE FOR YOUR INSTALL RATHER THAN NOT HAVING ENOUGH HAIR TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR IDEAL INSTALL LOOK. Using our basic recommendations for how many bundles you should purchase minimizes the unfortunate circumstance of having hair you love in an install that is less than satisfactory and prevents you from the inconvenience of having to spend money on an additional separate shipping fee to later purchase a single additional bundle in order to have enough hair for your install. Please keep in mind longer length combinations and looks will require over the standard amount of 3 bundles as indicated in the reference chart below. However, WE DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING ANYTHING LESS THAN 3 BUNDLES REGARDLESS OF LENGTH OR HAIR OPTION with the exceptions  of  only those purchasing single bundles as fillers to install with other hair they may already have or those who do not desire the typical standard of fullness with their installs according to personal preference. KARAEZY KOUTURE CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FAILURE TO PURCHASE A SUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF HAIR FOR YOUR INSTALL BY CHOOSING TO GO AGAINST THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT OF BUNDLES FOR YOUR RESPECTIVE LENGTH COMBINATIONS. Please also take your height and method of install into consideration when choosing and purchasing your lengths and number of bundles required as these factors often affect your choice of length combinations and number of bundles recommended and/or required.

Any Look/Install option containing Lengths 12" - 18" - 3 BUNDLES MINIMUM
Any Look/Install option containing Lengths 20" - 24" - 4 BUNDLES MINIMUM
Any Look/Install option containing Lengths 26" and up 5 - 6 BUNDLES MINIMUM and UP

Q: What product or stylist do you recommend for my install?

A: We feel EACH AND EVERY HAIR PRODUCT OPTION WE OFFER IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME so what you want will depend upon your personal preferences and what you wish your desired look to be. However we do suggest that you opt for a U-part or Custom Wig unit for your method of install which is the absolute best way to maximize the life of your hair extension investment. We highly recommend FLY HONEY WIGS at www.flyhoneywigs.com. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CONTACTING US WITH THE EXPECTATION FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSONNEL TO MAKE UP YOUR  MIND FOR YOU. Having a particular style or look in mind and referencing customer service personnel via our website contact option as to what hair option would help you best achieve that look is acceptable and we ask that you remain reasonable in your expectations at ALL TIMES throughout your experience with us as a business and in regards to our hair product offering and everything associated with it.